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Story with Video (April 22, 2016) A closer look at sexual assaults on university campuses, Rork comments

Story with Video (April 7, 2016) Court papers shine light on Schwab case, Rork comments

(April 5, 2016) Kansas Sentancing Guidlines May Allow for Lighter Sentance, says Rork

Rork Wins “Stand Your Ground” Case of Self Defense(Article List)

10 years after their LSD trafficking convictions, two defendants seek ‘CI File’

Rork contends he can defend Lockhart

Corrections Officer Gets Probation

Rork voted Topeka’s Best by newspaper survey

Rork victorious in Kaw Valley School Board recall battle

Man gets probation in rape case

 The Donna Walker Case: Rork in the national headlines

Pickard fights charges of LSD making in missle silo

Pot Case Could Set Precedent In Kansas

Defense: Lottery case bad bet for prosecution(story archive list)

Reduced sentence for pro football star

Rork’s Law: gotta have heart(Topeka Capital-Journal)

Berberich not guilty(Topeka Capital-Journal)

 Berberich not guilty(dial-up video stream)

The Thomas Berberich Trial(Complete Video & Text Listing)

The case of Sheriff Dave Meneley(Complete Video & Text Listing)

News from past several months(140k file)

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